How do I get started?
It all starts with a good photograph! We have some helpful photography tips here.

You can also send us your logos and information you want to appear on your card.

Photo Tips
Tips for taking a great photo for your prayer card. It all starts with a solid photograph!

  1. Watch the background. An uncluttered background will eliminate any distractions behind you. If the background is out of focus, that’s even better.
  2. SMILE! Looking happy and confident makes your supporters feel more connected to you and your ministry.
  3. Resolution is important. Photos should be a minimum of 2,000 x 1,400 pixels. However, most modern cameras will produce a photograph with sufficient resolution for use on prayer cards.
  4. Extra space is good. Leave a bit of extra space for our graphic designers to add type,  logos or other info. We can crop out any unnecessary space.
  5. Adjustments can be made. We can adjust the color balance and brightness of your photograph if needed.
  6. Lighting makes the photo! Keep the lighting even and consistent. Standing partially in the shade and partially in the sun will yield poor results. Full shade is best. Avoid wearing hats that can cast shadows under your eyes.

Download a PDF with these tips.

What if we don't know what we want our cards to look like?
That’s OK! You can refer to a sample on the website that you like, or if you already have an idea you want to use, you can send us a sketch or rough layout. However, most people just leave it up to our professional designers.
Can we view the cards before they are printed?
Absolutely! We will provide you with a full color proof for you to review and make corrections or changes.

We will make whatever updates you have until you are ready to print.

There is never any extra charge for one of our professional graphic designers to create a one of a kind card for you!

Is shipping really only $7.99?

Yes! Within the continental US, standard shipping is $7.99

Do you have other sizes or quantities available?
Sure! If you have something in mind other than what’s listed on our page, give us a call.

Because is part of a full service, national printing company, we can help you with just about anything.

Are quantity discounts available for large missions organizations?
Yes! Call us with the details, and we will be willing to work on a pricing structure for your organization.
Do you have maps or flags of different countries that we can use?
Yes, we do! We have the artwork of flags, maps and more from around the globe that we can use on your materials. Just let us know when ordering.
Is "Rush Service" available, if we are really pressed for time?
Yes! All of our products will list their production times (usually about 4 days) but if you need a something sooner than that, call us to make the appropriate arrangements.

We are here to help you, even with difficult deadlines.

Can you ship overseas?
We can! If you would like, we can ship your completed order overseas.

However, we do not recommend it.

Shipping overseas is much more costly. Please call us for a quote on shipping to foreign countries.